【Shimamoto Partners: Terms of Use】

Please read and understand the following Terms of Use prior to registration: Shimamoto Partners is an Executive Search firm, which provides a consulting service to search for a specifically defined executive position/highly specialized position by a client organization. It differs from an Employment Agency, which facilitates the matching of vacancies at employers to pool of registered job seekers. Therefore registration through this site does not guarantee introduction of opportunities. If and when there are suitable positions for registered individuals, we will examine the possibility and make an initial contact to explain the details of the position and procedure upon our meeting based on the confidentiality agreement with the client organization.

●Article 1 Service of Shimamoto Partners

The Service provided by Shimamoto Partners (hereinafter “Service”) is to include the registered Users to the pool of candidates when conducting an Executive Search project for our client company. As stated above, we are an Executive Search firm providing consulting service, which differs from an Employment Agency; therefore, we may include individuals who are not registered as Users to the list of potential candidates. We also do not give priority to the Users when introducing the candidates to the client.

● Article 2  User

Registered User (hereinafter “User”) is an individual who understood and agreed to the “Terms of Use,” registered to use this Service, and is approved by Shimamoto Partners. Shimamoto Partners assumes User has agreed to all Terms and Conditions upon registration. In addition, User shall not be listed under the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance for Eliminating the Organized Crime Groups.

● Article 3  Responsibility of User

User shall register this Service at his/her own will and responsibility. User is responsible for the content of all registered information.

● Article 4  Prohibited Actions

User is prohibited from taking the following actions: A. Registering false information intentionally B. Violation of Shimamoto Partners and the third parties’ copyright, trademark right, privacy right, intellectual property right, image right, and rights to protect their honor C. Damaging reputation of any individual or groups D. Preventing operation of this Service or acting against compliance of laws and regulations E. Causing damages to the client companies of Shimamoto Partners

● Article 5 Disclaimer

User shall be responsible for the usage of this Service. Shimamoto Partners is not responsible for any damage (such as emotional distress or any losses including financial loss) occurred on the third parties or User by use of this Service.

● Article 6 Termination of This Service

Shimamoto Partners may terminate this Service without previous notice to User at any time and shall not be responsible to any loss incurred due to such termination when Shimamoto Partners determines that the User breaches the Terms of Use, damages or may damage the reputation of Shimamoto Partners, threatens or forcefully act to cause any problems to Shimamoto Partners (including the board members and employees), or conducts any actions that may be inappropriate as User. This article shall not prevent Shimamoto Partners to claim compensation for damage or loss to the User.

● Article 7 Cancellation of User Registration or Changes in Registration by User

When User wishes to cancel the registration, User shall request cancellation of User registration to Shimamoto Partners according to the set procedures. Shimamoto Partners will cancel the registration upon receipt of such request from the User. When changes in the registered information occur, User shall notify Shimamoto Partners such changes in writing immediately at his/her discretion.

● Article 8 Modification of Terms of Use

Shimamoto Partners may modify, add or eliminate the Terms of Use at any time without approval of the User. In terms of modification, Shimamoto Partners considers that all Users approve the modification when one month is past after the changes are indicated on HP.

● Article 9 Compensation for Damage

When User breaches the Terms of Use and causes damage to Shimamoto Partners, the User will be solely responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, incurred.

● Article 10 Competent Court

Any disputes related to the Terms of Use and this Service shall be submitted to the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court, as the exclusive competent court of first instance.